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You can now watch VEVO on Android TV

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The apps, which are already essential in our mobile phones, are giving way to smartTVs since these are also hitting hard. Today every home has a smart TV and we use it more and more as a social gadget, so it is normal that the app store is more and more complete. This time I come to tell you that we can now see VEVO on Android TV.

How to watch VEVO on Android TV and Google TV

In this case, I come to you with a proposal for you to watch music videos using your television as a player, something that we do more and more.

In this case, it is nothing more than an app that contains thousands and thousands of music in audiovisual format. This is available throughout the day and every day of the year, without restrictions.

The news is that this software is already compatible with Android TV and also, logically, with Google TV. So much so that it has VEVO (from Vevo Dev) in the Google app store, Google Play Store, to install it officially and very quickly, like any other you can think of. If you want it, you just have to click HERE .

This is what the app looks like on Android TV and Google TV

This is what the app looks like on Android TV and Google TV

In its interface you will be able to see music according to sections. You have the Live or Direct, a content guide by theme, time schedule.

The other option, logical, is Explore, where you have a search engine in which, in addition to watching videos, you will discover ads and trends.

The countries in which it is currently available, right now, are Germany, Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Spain, France, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

In our country right now we only find three channels but, of course, this will change over time, and not too long.

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