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MECOOL KA2, stream everything with this little device!

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If you love streaming, you have fully immersed yourself in that world and in turn it is already part of your life, you may be interested in knowing what MECOOL KA2 is. It is a video call device, a device precisely designed for everything that has to do with streaming, such as making video calls, capturing photos, using apps like TIK TOK and, at the same time, functioning as a smart box, with its operating system , which gives intelligence to your TV; What more could you want?

Technical characteristics of the MECOOL KA2

Make model MECOOL KA2
Operating system Android 10
RAM 2GB LPDDR4 with 4GB option
ROM 16GB eMMC with option to 32 and 64 GB
image support 4K at 120fps HDR native, up to 8K 60fps
Wifi Yes, 2.4G/5G
Bluetooth Nope
  • HDMI 2.1 HDCP 2.2 output
  • HDMI 4K 60fps input
  • USB2.0OTG
  • USB3.0
  • DV
  • Ethernet RJ45 10/100M
  • 2 MEMS microphone
  • 5W speaker
  • 2MP Full HD camera
TV Box Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 25.4 x 200 x 68.2mm
Package content
  • MECOOL KA2 streaming device
  • BT remote control
  • Manual
  • hd-cable
  • 5V/2A power connector

Exterior design

Of course, it is the least interesting point of the device, at least on an aesthetic level, because it is not at all.

It is a kind of box type TDT or receiver of washed black color of 25.4 x 200 x 68.2 mm.

On its front it has call warning LEDs (with Google colors), a call button to take incoming calls, the ON/OFF button itself, the camera (with a light that indicates that it is working) and an adjustment wheel for this. The upper area includes the speaker, located on the left and with an outlet through holes in the plastic of the device, and the microphone activator. On the other faces are the different ports.

Underneath it has a tab to use as a link to the TV. This and the connections have been designed not to interfere with each other. Likewise, the MECOOL KA2 is compatible with a tripod, in case you want to place it elsewhere.

Of course, remember to choose the power outlet of your country when making your purchase, as it is sold with different ones.

This is what it looks like aesthetically

This is what it looks like aesthetically

And although I have said that aesthetically nothing appeals to me, I do have to say that it is an easy-to-use device, with few large buttons and clear indicators. In addition, privacy is highly respected as it is very easy to turn the camera and disconnect the microphone system.

It comes with a simple, black and much more aesthetic remote, with the basic functions of power, volume, Home, microphone… as well as three buttons for direct access to the Google Duo, YouTube and TikTok apps.

Connectivity and tuning

Considering the functionality of this device, it is logical to think that it will not have a tuning equal to that of a television.

For wireless connection to the network, it has dual WiFi AC and also an RJ 45 plug to obtain a 10-100M Ethernet LAN connection . We will not have Bluetooth, something that many can see useful (although, in my opinion, this is not used much today).

This device does not have a television tuner because its objective is far from being that. Even so, don’t worry because later you will discover smart options that will allow you to enjoy all the content you want.

Picture quality

The native image offered by this device for video calls is in Full HD resolution, that is, 1920 x 1080 pixels. In the same way, photographs can be obtained using the same camera that records us, which is 2 mpx but already in the next lower resolution, in HD or 720p.

On the other hand, and very important, really, knowing that it has support for AV1 , a codec for calls that is essential today if you want to maintain sufficient quality in the transmission of calls, especially if your broadband is not so abundant. How would you like it.

Good detail turns out to be the fact that it plays HDR content through its HDMI. You may not use it often for calls, but you do use it to view content in other apps.

MECOOL KA2 for streaming calls

As we announced, the device is designed with a clear purpose, although it is true that it has a few more things that I will also tell you about. Although, as you will notice, I will always try to give the most appropriate approach for the purpose of the KA2, which is to make calls, videos and interact with them.

model hardware

On the one hand, we have the key pieces of any machine of this style. These are an AMLOGIC S05X4 Quad Core ARM CORTEX-A55 processing unit or CPU, ARM-G31 MP2 graphics, a base 16 eMMC internal memory (you can choose a version with 32 or 64 GB) as well as a 2GB LPDDR4 RAM also selectable in 4 GB.

For everything related to calls, the MECOOL KA2 logically has microphones, speakers and a video camera. The first are, attention, TWO MEMS, which allows us to enjoy a certain distance from the device. The sound output power is 5 W, more than enough to talk to loved ones, attend classes or lectures, etc. Finally, it has a 2-megapixel Full HD (1080p) resolution camera and perfect views at an angle of up to 100º that also takes photos up to HD.

Let’s remember the light and sound indicators designed so that incoming calls are noticed.

With all this, the brand ensures that this product fulfills its mission, and more things.

Software and general functions of the MECOOL KA2 TV Box

Quality video calls in any field

Quality video calls in any field

MeCool has opted for Google for its alliance and that is why we find Android 10 as the operating system. In fact, it is a calling device certified by this company, something that few can boast about.

Basically, it comes with the Google Duo application integrated , designed as the main one to make your video calls, whatever they are. Even so, you can use Zoom or others that you download from Google Play, since the application store is available.

You will be happy to know that you will not only get software to make video calls from there. You also have others related to video such as TikTok, where you can upload the recorded videos directly from the device.

Of course, the model has Chromecast, because we know that for these things the smartphone can be essential, especially in the case of the youngest.

In another order of things, and bringing us closer to smartTVs, knowing that, additionally, you will be able to enjoy the content of services such as Prime Video or YouTube, since, connected to the television, it serves as a receiver for this type of software and allows its reproduction .

We also see on your command a button to access the Google assistant (specifically Google Katniss 4X), which we can use as we usually do on our phones or other devices, always considering the limitations of the device where it is connected. In any case, you can give simple commands that make your calls even more comfortable.

Packaging and accessories

The basic package includes the MECOOL KA2, its control, a user manual, and power cables and an HD.

This is how the Mecool KA2 comes

This is how the Mecool KA2 comes

Depending on the store where you buy it, you can also get a tripod of different sizes and a cable kit to use its ports, in case you don’t have one.

In addition, as we have already indicated, the KA2 is available in versions with different memory, both RAM and ROM, although in appearance they will be identical, yes.

TV Box MECOOL KA2: Pros and cons

  • Expandable memory option
  • Endless list of items for streaming
  • double microphone
  • Esthetic
  • no bluetooth
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