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Avatel TV, yet another platform for access to streaming content

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Avatel , which won’t even ring a bell (it’s normal) turns out to be an internet and telephony operator, just like MasMóvil, Digi or Vodafone itself. However, as is the case in many parts of our country, it is rather local or regional at best, being unknown to most users but a very good option in places where it does provide good coverage and has made its way. And to keep up with the competition, it has launched Avatel TV, a service through which you can watch streaming content.

What is Avatel TV?

Avatel TVB is a platform, like so many others that are offered to us, designed so that, through it, we see the best streaming content that is broadcast today.

What you have to do is contract a plan with Avatel, as we do, for example, with Movistar or with any other operator. With it, you will have your decoder at home, which is what allows you to access the content.

At the moment, Avatel TV offers fifty channels with a total of 6,000 titles at your disposal. The only requirement, as we say, is to have contracted a plan with them to be able to enjoy them.

Thus, you have both a grid of content that is broadcast at its corresponding time on each channel, but also said content on demand to watch whenever you want within the week following its broadcast. The format is similar to that of SkyTV.

Plans with Avatel TV

Plans with Avatel TV

Obviously, there are channels with varied content and others with a single theme, such as children’s, sports or horror, to name a few. These are:

  • kitchen channel
  • ComedyCentral
  • Dark
  • DBike Channel
  • SUN
  • panda channel
  • AMC
  • Hola
  • 13TH Street
  • MTV 00s
  • CMT
  • hollywood channel
  • select
  • Sundance TV
  • Panda Kids
  • global soap operas
  • Odyssey
  • Torole
  • Nickelodeon
  • mtv
  • History
  • TV Channel Moto ADV
  • Fight Time
  • global trends
  • From home

The set-top box includes Android TV as the operating system. With this, our app store will be the Google Play Store, allowing us to download and use them at will. Thus, if you are a member of some other platform, you can also calmly download their app and view the corresponding content. We will also have the company’s voice assistant.

The most interesting thing of all is that its cheapest plan (Pop Rate) is really good considering that it includes fiber, landline telephone and television, since, for the moment, it is 14.99 euros per month.

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