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Activating developer options on a TV is possible and very easy

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It is a topic that we have discussed in numerous articles on tvprobox ( take screenshots , install HBO Max on a Fire TV Stick , or how to change the Android TV launcher , among others) and today we want you to know what this functionality consists of. Let’s see how to activate the developer options on a TV.

How can you enable developer options on tv?

If you have a television with Android TV or Google TV, although you have numerous options regarding apps, the truth is that you may want some software that is not yet officially in the official store. Getting it is usually one of the reasons why you most want to have access to the well-known options, although there are other reasons, of course.

The idea is to be able to do more things than a conventional user can do with the configuration that is given to him when he buys his television by activating some options designed for more qualified personnel. There are settings that are not in the menus that we normally see.

Activate developer options on a TV

Activate developer options on a TV

Before moving on to how to do it, be careful. There are many things that can be done with these options enabled. OEM unlocking, USB debugging, changing logger buffer size or color space, showing touches, cursor maps, forcing functions, changing codec preferences… We are not responsible.

  1. Go to the gear icon, the “Settings”, on the main screen.
  2. From the dropdown on the right, choose “Device Preferences”.
  3. Give a simple point that only contains information, with that name.
  4. Now scroll down to “Build” or “Build Number”.
  5. Press, with the “OK” or central button, seven times on it. If you have done it correctly, a message should appear indicating that the options are already there.
  6. To check this, go to the “Settings” menus and you will see a new one called “Developer options or “Developer options”.
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