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What is Magic Remote, LG’s remote control?

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Although it has been on the market for several years, there are still many doubts about  what Magic Remote is . This interesting accessory from LG offers us the possibility of controlling our television in a more dynamic and interactive way. We explain everything you need to know about him below.

What is Magic Remote

Magic Remote is the most special remote control from LG . The manufacturer offers us an accessory to interact with the television in a simpler and more intuitive way. It has a  mouse  -like pointer , so you’ll simply have to point it at the TV and scroll through its menus in an agile way, without having to go from word to word. Simply point to what you want to select and you’re good to go. This function is called  Motion Control .

Thanks to it  we can drag or view photos and videos in 360º . In addition, it includes a  microphone , so we can navigate faster, thanks to the built-in voice recognition.

lg magic remote

Other functions that we have available in this command is  Magic Link , which allows us to search YouTube for content related to the DTT programs that we are watching,  Live Zoom , to see something in detail,  Input , to quickly switch between the different inputs available or  Numeric Shortcuts , to access your favorite channels in a second.

Finally, it is worth noting that it comes with  special buttons for direct access to your usual streaming platforms , such as Netflix or Prime Video.

This  Magic Remote is compatible with LG Smart TVs . If it is not included with your television, you can buy it independently at the following link, since it is for sale in stores such as Amazon.

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