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Sony HT-S400: A sound that surrounds you in every scene

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Sound bars or systems are an excellent option if your TV has low-quality audio, although it can also be used with other devices. In the current market there are a large number of options, obviously there will be more advanced models than others and what you choose depends on your needs. Today we will talk about the low range that offers us an attractive model for features and power. This belongs to Sony, a brand with excellent reviews. Within its catalog we have found the Sony HT-S400 .

Technical characteristics

Make model Sony HT-S400 – Sony HTS400.CEL
amp type Digital amplifier, S-Master
amp channels 2.1 channels
Output power 330W
subwoofer type wireless
  • optical audio input
  • USB-A
  • HDMI
Bluetooth Yes
Main Unit Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 64 x 900 x 64mm
Subwoofer Dimensions (H x W x D) 387 x 192 x 400mm
main unit weight 2.4kg
subwoofer weight 7.3kg
  • AC cord
  • optical cable
  • Quick setup guide
  • Remote control
  • Manual
  • Batteries for remote

Exterior design of the Sony HTS400.CEL

Sony HT-S400 design

It integrates an interesting aesthetic that features well-crafted details, which look great in almost any environment

We highlight the good design that the Sony HTS400.CEL has , which from our point of view fits with any decoration that we have in the room or room where we place the equipment. It presents a black chassis that looks attractive due to its good details .

The first thing to keep in mind is that it integrates a sound bar and a subwoofer that keep company to offer good quality, but we will talk about that later. The aesthetics of both are striking for their finishes , in fact, they are capable of generating an elegant environment.

The dimensions are correct for its placement, yes, due to the weight of both it is not advisable to be constantly moving them, therefore, from the beginning we must have a specific place for its installation . Something nice is that its construction materials are resistant.

In the back we find the available connectors. These have a good placement, so we get a clean space that turns out to be attractive if we see it from any angle. We can say that its design is a strong point , since it seeks to deliver a minimalist style.


We find the essential connectors to work with the sound system, for example, its HDMI input, which is possibly what we use the most, since it allows us to connect different devices, yes, we would have preferred to have an extra one to have more possibilities.

It also includes a USB type A port that will only be used to carry out updates, that is, we do not have the option to reproduce content by this means. Obviously you have an optical input that is designed to output sound from content that offers digital audio.

As you can see, there are few physical connections, although all three are quite useful and we can even say enough for a correct experience, in addition, we must remember that it is the low range, therefore, we should not expect impressive connectivity .

The only interesting thing is that it includes Bluetooth 5.0 , which is great for us, since we can connect compatible devices, thus avoiding having to use cables that can sometimes be a bit cumbersome for the eyes. We accept that performance is good.

Image quality and functions in general of the Sony HT-S400

The Sony HT-S400 is accompanied by technologies such as Dolby Digital and S-Force PRO Front Surround that allow us to hear clear sound at all times, especially in movies and music. This is due to the excellent behavior of the system that the proper optimization offers.

And we can verify this with only the front speakers that, thanks to the processing technology offered by the Sony brand, will be able to reproduce a surround sound field with audio coming from both sides. This way we get a fairly detailed sound.

The same power of the speakers is excellently combined to produce wide sound throughout the room. Thanks to the X-Balanced Speaker Unit technology , we will notice better vocal clarity, which we highlight a lot, since it is usually a problem with televisions.

The good thing is that it does not matter if we are watching movies or TV, the dialogues will remain in an acceptable quality. As we have seen from the beginning, this system includes a wireless subwoofer that tries to deliver a deeper sound that we can feel deeper.

At first it may seem that the quality offered is regular, especially for its cost, however, we quickly notice the good result it gives us, which seems to us to be enough to hear everything clearly and cleanly . Of course, let’s not expect a cinematic sound either.

Performance and more notable features

Sony HT-S400 performance

It is not a high-end system, however, it has an acceptable quality that is perfect for use with low and mid-range televisions.

We noticed that the Sony HTS400.CEL is easy to use, in fact, it includes a remote control that offers a nice design with intuitive operation. Among the most practical functions we find the specific buttons to control the volume and sound settings.

We emphasize that this bar allows us to choose between several modes, which will be adjusted to our needs depending on what we are seeing or listening to . Among the most important, we find a voice mode to obtain clearer and more precise dialogues with the content.

Another interesting mode is the night mode to enjoy acceptable sound without the need to wake someone up because of the noise. The sound bar includes an OLED -style screen that offers us information, for example, input source, volume, sound settings or other options.

We recommend using this sound system with Bravia televisions , since they have a very comfortable interface, in fact, the bar appears automatically in the quick settings menu. Through the Bluetooth connection we can play music from smartphones and laptops.

Availability and price of the Sony HT-S400

A more complete option is the Sony HT-A9 , and this is because it has up to four subwoofers to hear higher quality bass and bass. If you want to know its characteristics in more detail, we invite you to enter the analysis and find out if your purchase really suits you.

Sony HT-S400: Pros and Cons

  • striking design
  • connectivity
  • Bluetooth
  • acceptable sound
  • enhancement features
  • cost
  • Could include extra ports
  • Audio according to its range


Sound quality
Quality / price ratio
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