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Samsung UE32K4100, basic television at a good price

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Today we are going to talk about the Samsung UE32K4100, a very interesting basic TV with attractive features. First we will analyze the technical characteristics in a table, to see at a glance all the characteristics of this television.

Technical characteristics of Samsung UE32K4100

Make model Samsung UE32K4100
Size 32 inches
Resolution HD Ready
Relationship 16: 9
Frequency 100 HZ
Backlighting Led
Smart tv No
Integrated Wifi No
3D No
USB Recorder No
Tuner DVB-T, DVB-C ,, DVB-S
Sound 20 w
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 522 x 729 x 181 mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 521.7 x 728.7 x 185.3 mm
Weight 4.8 / 5 kg
VESA compatibility Yes
HDMI ports 2
USB ports 1
Other connectors 1 component, 1 digital audio output, 1 composite video
CI + integrated Yes
Energy class TO
Contents / accessories Power cord Operating instructions Remote control Batteries Desktop stand

As we can see, the Samsung UE32K4100 television is totally a basic television, since does not have a single characteristic of higher ranges. Once we have seen the characteristics all together, we are going to see them one by one, to analyze this television in greater detail.

Exterior design and connectivity

One of the biggest strengths of the Samsung UE32K4100 is its beautiful exterior design, quite a fine design, with a rather elegant dark finish and a TV with an unconventional but not too eccentric design. As usual, the connections of this television are located at the back of it, taking up little space and not attracting too much attention.

Samsung UE32K4100 profile

As for other design features, we have a light-weight TV, about 5 kilos, a light enough weight to be 32 inches in size and that will allow you transport it from one place to another easily. The TV is perfectly held by a 200-gram support, a silver-colored support with a triangular shape on 4 legs, as if it were a table, which draws a lot of attention due to the strange design and because it is of a different color from the TV .

In terms of connectivity, it is what you can expect from an entry-level TV, a very basic connectivity and that has just enough. We have a USB port to connect devices, 2 HDMI ports to connect devices that broadcast in high definition and a component port to connect older devices. As it is not a Smart TV, it does not have any type of internet connection, without having Ethernet or Wi-Fi integrated within it.

As for the television tuner, the Samsung UE32K4100 does not have the TDT2 tuner, something normal on entry-level televisions since they have not yet implemented it, having only a standard DTT tuner. The good news is that we can buy a separate DTT2 tuner to use the new DTT2 features on this television.

Image quality and other functions

The Samsung UE32K4100 has a rather mediocre resolution, since it only has con HD Ready resolution, better known as 720p. This resolution, as its name suggests, is a resolution that is already prepared to broadcast content in high definition, however, it is the lowest image quality in this type of television and an already obsolete standard. For example, there are already a lot of lower-end TVs than this one, but with Full HD built in. Therefore, I consider it a mistake to include this resolution in any television, however low-end it may be.

Samsung UE32K4100 picture

Samsung UE32K4100 picture

If we look at other aspects of the television, we still have a normal image quality, since we have 100 hertz of screen refreshment, a standard amount in basic ranges that will make the image look good, but without the fluidity of other frequency ranges . In addition to screen refresh, the feature Wide Color Enhancer It helps a bit to improve the TV picture, as it offers an improvement in the color gamut and in how they are presented on the TV screen.

If we look at other characteristics of the image, we see that it has neither HDR nor no other image enhancing function, something normal in basic range. However, we have an image that looks quite good in the end, so despite its low resolution, the Samsung UE32K4100 does its job of offering images of moderately decent quality.

Sound and other features

The sound of the Samsung UE32K4100 is pretty decent sound for an entry-level TV. We have a total of 20 watts of power, an amount that is certainly not bad at 32 inches, since we will be able to clearly hear the sound of any television program or multimedia file.

Samsung UE32K4100 energy efficiency

Samsung UE32K4100 energy efficiency

Regarding the software of this television, the Samsung UE32K4100 unfortunately does not have a Smart TV, since since it does not have the possibility of connecting to the internet, this function would be totally useless. Of course, at least it has a good USB multimedia player, which plays a lot of video, sound and image formats, so you can transfer the files from your computer to the pendrive and view them on your Samsung UE32K4100 anytime you want.

Energetically, the Samsung UE32K4100 It is very good, since it has the energy label A. This label It is one of the highest distinctions in terms of energy efficiency., as it means that this TV spends very little in relation to its power. In this case, we have a ridiculous consumption, which does not mean more than a few euros per year in the electricity bill.

In conclusion, the Samsung UE32K4100 is a basic TV, which it is ideal for people who ask exactly that, something basic that serves to watch television and little else. The best thing about all this is that we will not have to make just an investment to buy this TV, since it is one of the cheapest in its class.

Where to buy the Samsung UE32K4100?

TV UE32K4100: Table of pros and cons

  • Attractive design
  • HD Ready
6.8 Total score
Picture quality
Price / quality ratio
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