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Samsung QE65Q75B: Good quality in each of its sections

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Samsung offers excellent quality televisions, although it is not something new, on the contrary, we are talking about a popular brand that almost always surprises us with highly reputable equipment that improves the user experience. There are all kinds of models, which will be better or worse depending on your needs, however, today we are going to focus on the mid-range where we usually see the most purchased televisions due to their accessibility. They continue to expand their catalog and we have found an interesting option in the Samsung QE65Q75B .

Technical characteristics

Make model Samsung QE65Q75B
Size 65″ (165.1cm)
Resolution 4K Ultra HD (3840 x 2160 pixels)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency 100Hz (Hertz)
Backlight QLED
SmartTV Yes Tizen 6.5
Integrated Wi-Fi Yes
Bluetooth Yes
3D Nope
usb recorder Yes
  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S2
  • 20W
  • 2.0CH
  • Active Voice Amplifier
  • Adaptive Sound+
  • BluetoothAudio
  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • OTS-Lite
  • Q Symphony
  • surround sound
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 831.8 x 1451.7 x 25.7mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 900.4 x 1451.7 x 285.6mm
Weight (Without / With stand) 21.4kg / 24.3kg
VESA compatibility Yes, 400 x 300mm
HDMI ports 4
USB ports two
other connectors
  • dlna
  • EthernetRJ45
  • Satellite input (F-type female)
  • Satellite input (Sub; F-type female)
  • optical audio output
  • Antenna (RF) (female)
IC+ Integrated Yes, v1.4
energy class Category F
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control
  • batteries
  • current cable
  • user’s Guide


Exterior design of the Samsung QE65Q75BATXC

Samsung QE65Q75B design

One of the main attractions of this model is the well-crafted design that improves the view in any environment

In general, the designs of this firm stand out quite a bit regardless of the category. It is clear that the Samsung QE65Q75BATXXC is not far behind and we see an interesting appearance that due to its details will have better integration, although there will be some points to take into account.

To begin with, we are looking at the 65-inch version that has dimensions of 900.4 x 1451.7 x 285.6 mm, so it requires ample space. In addition, it will be an ideal model for large rooms  or  halls . To receive a simple installation you must purchase the VESA bracket.

The best thing will be to place the TV on the wall in search of receiving  a more complete view of the front where we find the most striking aspect , since they implement thin bezels that improve the presence and we obtain an elegant appearance with a greater useful space.

The back part provides a clean space that also helps aesthetics by providing us with a different accommodation when connecting a cable. Another advantage is that it does not have an excessive thickness like other models , likewise, we note that its construction has good materials.


We emphasize that it includes four HDMI inputs  , which we can use to connect external devices such as consoles, computers and laptops. Thanks to its version we will enjoy a more efficient transmission. In fact, it seems to us one of the strongest points of the Samsung 65Q75B .

We can also make use of two  USB 2.0 ports  that, as we have already seen in many models, allow us to play and record content. There will be other interesting physical connections such as its  optical audio output  ,  its  Ethernet port,  its two satellite inputs and the antenna .

It really is a television that does not have many connectors, but it does offer the necessary ones to improve the experience, likewise, it includes compatibility with DVB-T2/C/S2 tuners , although it also continues to work with the first generation ones, giving many possibilities.

We must emphasize that it has complete wireless connectivity that offers us a Wi-Fi Direct connection to surf the internet from a distance. To make use of other devices we have  Bluetooth 5.2 which by version greatly improves the experience and DLNA .

Image quality and functions in general of the Samsung QE65Q75B

The Samsung QE65Q75B provides us with an optimized image to view any content, firstly, it delivers a 4K resolution that gives us four times more power than Full HD, so we will see more precise details, which denote greater depth.

Of course, we must consider that it has an Edge LED backlight , which from our point of view offers a regular quality. Because we find less uniformity in blacks, which do not become pure, therefore, there will be certain difficulties in dark environments .

So, the placement will have an important factor to avoid this low quality. We recommend finding a location with regular lighting . The problem is that the included Local Dimming does not have as much precision as in other panels, therefore, it loses precision and depth.

Something to keep in mind is that it includes a VA panel  that does offer us advantages that directly affect image quality. The most remarkable thing is the improvement in contrast and brightness,  so we will see slightly purer blacks  and  whites . In addition, the viewing is more accurate.

As disadvantages we note that the colors are transmitted with less fidelity and precision, likewise, the viewing angle from the sides loses sharpness. We must highlight that they include a large number of improvements for essential parameters , so we receive a higher quality image.

In addition, it is compatible with several HDR formats that improve contrast and color palette, yes, the content must be compatible otherwise we will not notice the improvement and even the quality can worsen.


We consider the audio to be the weakest point of this model,  since we only have two speakers with a total power of 20W , which is typical of the mid-range, however, we still have a lot to owe in a model as large as this. . Especially in demanding content.

The good thing is that they include enhancement features that increase sound quality noticeably, for example  Active Voice Amplifier ,  Adaptive Sound+ ,  Dolby Digital Plus  and  OTS Lite . With this we get a more immersive experience, although we still lack some power.

Software analysis / Smart TV and more features of the Samsung 65Q75B

Samsung QE65Q75B SmartTV

integrates a well-optimized system that enhances certain features to deliver a more complete entertainment experience

The Samsung QE65Q75BATXXC is accompanied by the most recent version of Tizen , therefore, we will enjoy better optimization and security, something that was already in previous versions, but now the improvement will be more noticeable and we will notice a quite good fluidity in general.

The app store is not far behind and offers an extensive catalog, although it still doesn’t have the capacity that we do find with Android, but it doesn’t seem like a problem either, since they include the most popular options in terms of entertainment or other types of categories.

We must emphasize that the Samsung 65Q75B works with three voice assistants such as Alexa , Bixby and Google Assistant that improve the general control of the television. There will be some exclusive functions that improve the experience, in addition, it seems to us an acceptable model for gaming.

QE65Q75B: Pros and Cons

  • interesting design
  • connectivity
  • Picture quality
  • enhancement features
  • Operating system
  • voice control
  • Exclusive Features
  • Cost
  • Backlight
  • scaled
  • Sound


Picture quality
System / SmartTV
Quality / price ratio
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