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Yamaha Yas-107, a sound bar with surprising quality

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When we have a television with poor sound, the best solution is to buy a Sound bar like the one we bring you today. The Yamaha Yas-107 is a mid-range model that offers good quality at a reasonable price. Besides being easy to install, it will adapt perfectly to the living room.

If you want to listen to your favorite TV shows and the latest new movies, with clear and vibrant sound, this soundbar Yamaha Yas 107 it will become your best ally. We have prepared a complete analysis so that you can discover its main characteristics. We started!

Yamaha Yas-107, ultra-slim and minimalist design

Simplicity is the first thing that catches the eye of this soundbar. A minimalism that pleasantly surprises us. Thanks to your ultra slim design you can place this Yamaha Yas-107 discreetly in front of the TV or on a shelf. And is that this sound bar is presented with 89 cm in length and a thickness of just 5.3 centimeters. With these measures, it is difficult to cover the television screen. It can also be rotated for wall mounting. If we choose this option, it will be in a vertical position, protruding a few centimeters from the wall.

The first thing that stands out about this soundbar is its ultra-slim design.

Elegant acoustic fabric

On the other hand, the Yamaha Yas 107 It comes equipped with a series of tactile buttons that will help us to operate it. Likewise, it has several LED indicators that will inform us of the operating mode of this Yamaha sound bar. A elegant acoustic fabric in black, covers the front of the bar. At the ends you can see openings for the subwoofers.

Advanced HDMI interface

On the back we find the connectors: an HDMI input and output, an optical digital input and an analogue input, although in the latter case a lot of sound quality is lost. It also incorporates one input for connecting an external subwoofer. Setup is quick and easy. You just have to plug the optical cable that comes in the box to the output of the TV.

To get the most out of it, the HDMI interface is prepared so you can enjoy the best sound and image quality. In addition to supporting high resolution 4K / 60p video signals, it is HDR (high dynamic range) compatible, which ensures images with natural and very intense colors. It also allows you to connect any device to the soundbar.

Yamaha Yas-107, HDMI

This sound bar includes the HDMI interface, which comes prepared so you can enjoy the best sound and image quality.

Equipment of the Yamaha Yas 107

The interior of this soundbar hides some very interesting specifications. This equipment has 2 2-1 / 8-inch speakers, two 3 ”subwoofers and 2 1-inch tweeters. The ends each house a bass output for the subwoofers. In terms of power, Yamaha Yas-107 It integrates a 60 W amplifier for the bass speakers, to which we must add another two amplifiers of 30 W each, for the front speakers that are located on both sides.

5 surround sound modes

This setting achieves a clean sound, so you can enjoy clear dialogue with powerful bass. With a special application, you will have the possibility to choose between five different surround modes, pre-installed: movies, music, sports, games and television.

DTS Virtual: X Compatible

If you are watching a movie at night and you don’t want the sound to disturb the neighbors, The Yamaha Yas 107 is equipped with a separate volume control for the bass. Further, supports DTS Virtual: X. This technology uses a digital signal processing system to simulate surround sound that supports different configurations, ranging from 2.0 to 5.1 stereo, and even 7.1.

He YAS-107 automatically enhances the treble of compressed music sources (such as MP3), providing more depth to the mid and low frequencies. The result is a sound with a warmth and intensity very similar to the original.

Bluetooth connectivity

Yamaha Yas-107, Bluetooth

Thanks to Bluetooth connectivity we can send our favorite music wirelessly from our smartphone or tablet.

Yamaha has bet heavily on this device for Bluetooth connectivity, which has a coverage of approximately 10 meters. With this function we can send our favorite music wirelessly from our smartphone, tablet or any other mobile device, with incredible sound quality.

One remote control

In order to control the entire system we have the invaluable help of a remote control What comes in the box. If your television supports HDMI-CEC, you can turn it on and off, change inputs, adjust volume, and perform other operations using just one remote control.

Control is in your hand

Also the Yamaha Yas-107 can be managed with the HOME THEATER CONTROLLER app, which offers an attractive and intuitive interface. This app that can be downloaded for free for both Android and Apple devices. This software allows us to configure a wide variety of soundbar options in a very simple way. The Yamaha ATS-2070 it can be a good alternative. This model is presented with the ability to reproduce next-generation 3D surround audio. And it also does not lack wireless connectivity.

Yamaha Yas-107, remote control

The remote control that comes in the box will be used to control the entire system.

Technical specifications of the Yamaha Yas-107

Yamaha Yas-107
Dimensions 89 x 5.3 x 13.1 cm
Weight 3.4 kg
Colors Black
  • 2 x 5.5 cm (2-1 / 8 ”) cone woofer, 2 x 7.5cm (3 ″) built-in subwoofer, 2 x 2.5 cm (1 ″) dome tweeters
Output power 120W total power: 30W x 2 + 60W built-in subwoofers
Consumed potence 27 W
Power consumed in Standby 0.4 W (HDMI control, Bluetooth standby off), 0.8 W (HDMI control on, Bluetooth standby off), 0.5 W (HDMI control off, Bluetooth standby on), 0.8 W (HDMI control on, Bluetooth standby on)
Inputs / Outputs
HDMI 1 input / 1 output
Optical digital 1 entry
Coaxial digital 1 entry
Subwoofer output Yes
4K Pass-Through Yes (50/60 Hz YCbCr = 4: 4: 4, HDR, HDCP2.2)
3D Pass-Through 1 entry
ARC 1 entry
CEC 1 entry
Auto Lip-Sync 1 entry
Sound technology
Surround DTS Virtual: X
Surround modes Musical, TV, Movies, Sports, Videogames
Music decompressor Yes (Bluetooth function)
Bass Extended Yes
Audio Formats
Dolby Digital Yes
Dolby Pro Logic II Yes
DTS Digital Surround Yes
wireless networks
Streaming music Yes (with Bluetooth)
Bluetooth Version / Profile Version: Ver. 4.1 + EDR, Profile: A2DP, SPP, Audio Codec: SBC, MPEG AAC
Maximum Bluetooth range 10m; 33 ft (Unobstructed)
Wireless subwoofer Yes
Other functions
App Control Yes

Availability and price of the Yamaha Yas-107

  • Very good sound
  • Ultra-slim and minimal design
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 5 surround modes
  • DTS Virtual: X Compatible

  • No USB port for music playback

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