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LG 86UQ91006LA, the giant that has everything for the mid-range

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LG 86UQ91006LA impresses us with its enormous size. But don’t be scared. Behind this there is a very cool outfit, remarkable, that offers features that will make you enjoy streaming content, DTT of a lifetime, video games…

Technical characteristics of the LG 86UQ91006LA

Make model LG 86UQ91006LA – LG 86UQ9100
Size 86″ (217cm), flat
Resolution Ultra HD (3840 x 2160p)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency 100Hz (40 – 120)
Backlight DLED
SmartTV Yes, webOS 22
Integrated Wi-Fi Yes, 5G Direct
Bluetooth yes, 5.0
3D Nope
usb recorder Yes
  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T/T2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S/S2
Sound 20W (2.0ch and virtual 5.1.2)
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 1104 x 1927 x 59.9mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 1178 x 1927 x 425mm
Weight (Without / With stand) 45.2kg / 48.9kg
VESA compatibility Yes, 600×400
HDMI ports 4, 2 in 2.0 and 2 in 2.1
USB ports 2 in 2.0
other connectors
  • RJ45
  • satelite
  • optical audio output
  • RF antenna
IC+ Integrated Yes, v2.0
Energy Class Category G (169 W, 258 W with HDR)
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control Magic Remote Control MR22
  • batteries
  • power cord
  • User’s Guide


Design and connectivity of the LG 86UQ9100

No matter the range or the years, LG is going to maintain, until when, the TV design with moon support that gave so many sales at the time. It’s certainly pretty and no wonder it’s used in televisions of any kind.

In this case we find it in a spectacular Ash Blue Cinema Screen color . It is not that you are going to see a blue TV there, it really is an original, subtle and elegant color .

The latter helps, of course, the fact that the case is made in a single piece leaving three sides without a visible frame.

Under the panel we find, as we have anticipated, a support that has the shape of a moon or arch, centered and sharing a tone with the panel .

Here we can see how its support is detailed

Here we can see how its support is detailed

When the stand is placed, the LG 86UQ91006LA measures 1178 x 1927 x 425 mm . In this case, his weight remains 48.9 kilos . Obviously it is the option that you will choose if you have a TV cabinet, but keep in mind that the weight is high due to the enormous size of the TV itself.

What you can do is keep only the panel, which weighs and measures less and must be anchored to the wall using a 600 x 400 mm VESA device . With this, the weight is reduced up to 45.2 kilos (the stand is very heavy, denoting material quality and stability) and the screen, on the wall, will measure 1104 x 1927 x 59.9 mm .

Tuning and connectivity

We are really facing a very attractive point of the television, designed to be versatile as much as possible.

You have an analog tuning given in NTSC/PAL/SECAM, CI+ in v2.0, HbbTV , unknown, yes, and digital DVB satellite2, terrestrial2 and cable .

This tuning is possible thanks to the inclusion of a satellite, an RF antenna and the necessary slot for the CI+ .

Detail of the physical connectors of the LG 86UQ9100 TV

Detail of the physical connectors of the LG 86UQ9100 TV

But, of course, the thing does not stop there. You have RJ45 , the plug with which you will connect the TV to your cable router if you wish, an optical audio output, double USB 2.0 version recorder and four HDMI inputs , two in 2.0 and another two in 2.1 to offer full support. This includes 4K vision at 120 Hz, VRR, ALLM, HDR HGiG, HFR, HDCP 2.3 and the already more basic eARC, ARC and CEC.

Forgetting the cables, its bluetooth is in version 5.0 and it has WiFI 5 direct .

Image quality and general functions

With LG 86UQ91006LA we discover a panel with IPS matrix with 30 bits representing 1073 million colors with a depth of 8 + 2 bits of color . Its resolution is 3840 x 2160 pixels, that is, it is a UHD that offers 51 pixels per inch. Its backlight is direct LED and works with a native frequency of 100 Hz but can be adapted to 120 for specific moments of very fast movements. Be careful because in better sizes the frequency is not so high!

A fifth generation a7 processor with AI has been introduced to the model with which you help in the image improvement processes and, directly, scale the contents to provide them with a higher resolution.

The panel is mapped by zones, analyzing one by one and in a differentiated way a total of 576 for each frame. This is how it calculates the adjustments more accurately. LG calls this technology Dynamic Tone Mapping .

We have easy support for HDR content that goes through HLG and through HDR 10 Pro . However, via HDMI and for gaming, HFR and HGiG are also included .

Here we find a comparison of the television image according to the mode used

Here we find a comparison of the television image according to the mode used


As you can imagine, the model does not stand out for its sound power but remains average with a good 20 W RMS given in two real channels . What LG does offer is, via AI, virtual sound in 5.1.2 channels . Also, albeit lossy, we can reproduce WiSA 2.1 in a fully compatible way . The compatibility of this model remains in Dolby Digital .

Finally, it has two exclusive LG elements, which are LG Sound Sync and Clear Voice dialogue technology in the Pro version.

Analysis of the software / smartTV of the LG 65UQ91006LA

LG brings us webOS 22 for this outfit (and all of the 2022 ones, really). I love how this system has improved over the years to be as competitive as the rest and even better than many.

You will start by creating your own profile for yourself, to use the TV to your liking, with your preferences and giving you recommendations based on your experience. And so with each new profile that is made. There are unlimited profiles.

You have famous apps already installed on the TV. Do not cry because this is nothing compared to what you will find in the software store , where you will download everything you want regardless of whether it is free or paid. To access spaces without applications you have, of course, a browser, free in this case .

LG has recently been awarded for its options for gamers. We have already seen that this model supports ALLM, HFR, HGiG, VRR and 4K display up to 120 Hz and 100 frames per second. But, it is that, in addition, it has a configuration bar for gamers . In this you will find all the aspects that you can calibrate and that will modify, to a greater or lesser extent, your gaming experience.

You can mirror from other devices regardless of the brand, as we have support for Airplay2 and also Screen Share, which is the technology that LG uses for the rest of non-Apple devices.

As a final point, know that in the model you will find a voice assistant service , with Google Assistant and Alexa being the chosen options. You can use any of them to perform simple actions on the TV and the devices you have linked to it, as well as to ask all kinds of questions.

TV LG 86UQ91006LA: Pros and cons

  • updated webOS
  • Good tuning point and connectivity
  • Price
  • Energy efficiency G
  • Very deep with the base on


Picture quality
System / SmartTV
Quality/price ratio
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