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LG 65UQ91006LA, worth more than it costs

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As there is much to say, I will only start by saying that, today, the LG 65UQ91006LA, from LG , is a TV that is worth more than it costs, much more in my opinion. It is a very recent 2022 release and it is still worth getting it NOW!

Technical characteristics of the LG 65UQ91006LA

Make model LG 65UQ91006LA – LG 65UQ9100
Size 65″ (165cm), flat
Resolution Ultra HD (3840 x 2160p)
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Frequency Up to 60Hz
Backlight D-LED
SmartTV Yes, webOS 22
Integrated Wi-Fi Yes, 5G Direct
Bluetooth yes, 5.0
3D Nope
usb recorder Yes
  • Analog (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)
  • DVB-T/T2
  • DVB-C
  • DVB-S/S2
Sound 20W (2.0ch and virtual 5.1.2)
Dimensions without stand (Height x Width x Depth) 838 x 1454 x 57.7mm
Dimensions with stand (Height x Width x Depth) 908 x 1454 x 340mm
Weight (Without / With stand) 21.5kg / 22.9kg
VESA compatibility yes, 300×300
HDMI ports 3 in 2.0
USB ports 2 in 2.0
other connectors
  • RJ45
  • satelite
  • optical audio output
  • RF antenna
IC+ Integrated Yes, v2.0
Energy Class Category G (111 W, 154 W with HDR)
Content / Accessories
  • Remote control Magic Remote Control MR22
  • batteries
  • power cord
  • User’s Guide


Design and connectivity

The first and foremost thing we appreciate is that, even as the years go by, LG remains very faithful to its star design. This is the one with the central base in the shape of a half moon.

Unlike other more modest models, this one denotes the quality of both its base and the ultra-slim frame, made in a single three-sided piece that provides a well-achieved all-screen effect. The color chosen by the firm for the LG 65UQ9100 is the Cinema Screen Dark Ash Blue , elegant like no other and like the television itself.

As we can see, the half-moon base is still your safe bet.

As we can see, the half-moon base is still your safe bet.

The base measures 784 x 340 mm. The panel, without it, is 1454 x 838 x 57.7 mm and weighs 21.5 kg. In this case, it would hang on the wall with the addition of a 300 x 300 mm VESA. If its base were placed, the measurements would change to 1454 x 909 x 340 mm and the weight would increase to 22.9 kg, an acceptable figure considering the size of the panel.

It does not have ergonomic options beyond removing the base to place the panel to your liking. Therefore, my advice is that if you use a VESA, it should be mobile.

Tuning and connectivity

This is a very good model in this aspect, more than enough.

With it you can tune both satellite and cable TV, in addition to the RF antenna itself with DVB-T2/S2/C. It also includes an optical output for audio. In any case, with WiFI 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 you can have access to practically anything.

Its three HDMI inputs include HDR HGiG, eARC, ARC, ALLM, CEC and HDCP 2.3 playback, so you’ll be able to play anything from external sources with all the possibilities and the highest quality. It also has two USB 2.0 ports with recorder function (with devices between 80 and 2000 GB) and RF input for Ethernet connection.

Detail of the ports available on the LG 65UQ91006LA

Detail of the ports available on the LG 65UQ91006LA

Image quality and general functions

LG 65UQ91006 is a model that, if you are looking for good image quality, you will fall in love with. In fact, you can get bored reading features, improvements and technologies that add up to a really beautiful sum.

You have to start with the basics, which is a UHD or 4K resolution, that is, 2160p in height and a direct LED backlight . Work on the images with a fifth-generation processor designed to include greater precision in colors and tones in each frame (which is divided into 576 zones with dynamic mapping) as well as to rescale the content.

The panel matrix is ​​IPS and 30 bits. Color depth is 10 bits, two of which are generated by Frame Rate Control. It occupies 94.2% of the TV and, due to its size and resolution, the number of pixels per inch is 62, each one having a size of 0.372 mm.

Comparison of content playback with and without HDR10 Pro

Comparison of content playback with and without HDR10 Pro

As for HDR, which has already become a universe and an essential, the LG 65UQ9100 is compatible with HDR 10, HDR 10 Pro, HDR HLG and the new HDR HGiG. Thus, an automatic adjustment of the brightness is achieved and an intensification of the already well-worked content in HDR, this being clearer and more detailed. In addition, it brings the Filmmaker mode , designed for you to see the content as the creators want.


Although the model remains in the conventional 20W RMS in two channels that we see in so many other mid-range (and some mid-high range) coming from two WiSA down firing speakers, the truth is that the audio section of the LG 65UQ91006LA is really interesting.

Not everything is power, that’s why we’re sure you’ll love this model.

For example, the TV has sound scaler as well as special Dolby Digital sound. And what I like the most is that LG has also included its AI Sound Pro, which is 5.1.2 Up-mix virtual sound , something that distances the model from any conventional mid-range in the sound aspect.

In addition, we must consider all the improvements that can be kept playing via HDMI (eARC, CEC, HDCP…). Thus, no matter the source from which you want to listen to the contents, they will maintain very good quality.

Analysis of the software / smartTV of the LG 65UQ91006LA

I love LG that has greatly improved this aspect, which for me was always a bit short.

On the one hand, we have components such as its fifth generation Alpha 5 Quad Core intelligent processor, which works especially to improve precision on 576 areas and helps create virtual audio.

In conjunction with a RAM, it is possible to enjoy certain gaming functions, already essential in the living rooms of any home. For example, although its refresh rate is up to 60 Hz, LG manages that in this model the latency is always below 19 ms when we are playing. There is also an exclusive menu to configure all aspects of the LG 65UQ9100 that are involved in the gaming experience, such as an optimizer, the LG cloud, which works with Stadia and GeForce Now to bring the user closer to the world of the game or HGiG compatibility , technology with which they improve both graphics and performance.

This is the command that accompanies the increasingly pleasant LG operating system

This is the command that accompanies the increasingly pleasant LG operating system

On the other side is its operating system, webOS 22, which has changed a lot since I’ve known it.

To begin with, you now have the option to create a profile with your data, quick access to the applications you use the most and, of course, with recommendations that LG will make to you as you interact with the LG 65UQ91006LA. The number of profiles is unlimited, although only 10 will be displayed at a time.

Other aspects are sports alerts or wide compatibility with smart assistants, including Google, Alexa or LG’s own AI (obviously, it has voice control). As for Apple, which we know sometimes causes problems depending on the brand, you have Apple Home Kit and AirPlay 2 to be able to enjoy all your content in a big way regardless of the device from which it is launched.

As in any smart TV, you have a store to download the apps of your interest (it comes with some pre-installed such as Netflix or Disney +). But, what I really like is that in this model the browser is free, not like it was happening some time ago. Thus, it is much more pleasant to work with the television, which gives you greater freedom and ease, as is well discovered when viewing its interface.

TV LG 65UQ91006LA: Pros and cons

  • updated webOS
  • audio quality
  • Price
  • Energy efficiency G
  • Very deep with the base on


Picture quality
Quality/price ratio
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