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You can now watch the movie Lightyear for free on Disney +

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It’s been barely a month and a half since  Lightyear , Pixar ‘s latest film  , was released in theaters around the world. A film that did not go unnoticed and that has not been without controversy. By now, we’ve all heard of the kiss scene between two male characters and the rivers of ink it has caused to flow. If you haven’t seen it yet,  you now have the opportunity to watch the movie Lightyear for free on Disney+ .

The Lightyear movie is now available for free on Disney +

The turn of streaming has come. Disney + is a platform that is worth it precisely because of the great titles, almost premiere, that we can see on it. Here we have seen, a few weeks after their premiere, films like Soul, Luca or Red, precisely the latest Pixar hits, as well as the live movies of Mulán or Aladdin, among others. Precisely,  Luca was the most viewed movie in 2021 on Disney + . It is clear that the Walt Disney factory continues to enjoy an excellent lung.

lightyear free disney

Now  it’s time for Lightyear , backed by the nostalgia factor of those of us who enjoyed Toy Story in our childhood or adolescence, although with a somewhat discreet run at the movie box office.

From August  3, 2022 , the free Lightyear movie will be added to the Disney+ catalog  , so you can enjoy this new way of seeing the Space Range universe with your family, friends, partner or even on your own.

From 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 3 (Peninsular Spain time), Lightyear is available on Disney +. And as expected, it is already among the most viewed titles. Controversies aside, it is one of those films that have marked this year and that you cannot stop watching.

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