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You can now create profiles on FilmIn!

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Something very simple and that we found anywhere, or almost, but that was not yet a reality on our beloved Spanish alternative content platform, B… You can now create profiles on FilmIn! We will tell you about it although, as you can imagine, it is extremely simple, especially if you are already a subscriber of other platforms.

Create profiles in FilmIn; how and why

With a particular profile you can share your account staying much calmer. Why? When someone views or searches for something, the system stays with the information and searches for and recommends similar content. If this happens in your account but it was not you, the recommendations in your profile will fade; You will find as much content that you like as other that has little or nothing to do with you, with your tastes and with what you see.

When each user uses their profile, these recommendations are kept only in that space and for that person. In each profile you will find specific recommendations for the person who uses it.

In addition to this, the half-viewed content of other people that you are not going to continue will not appear on the screen, of course. Only a list will be created with what you still have to finish, which means that it is much easier and more comfortable for you to see what you want.

At FilmIn they will allow us to create up to four profiles, a reasonable number for a family or a group of people who share a flat. One of them is the main one, which cannot be deleted and you can add another three.

Each one of them can be nominated to your liking and you have celebrity icons for you to choose as an image for your user.

Finally, we will also have a children’s profile called “Kid” in which, as in the rest of the platforms, the content is layered.

Of course, if you have just turned on your television and you do not find any of this, you must update the FilmIn app .

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