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Why is it recommended to have a VPN on our Smart TV?

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For almost two decades now, the way of accessing the internet has changed . While before it was something typical of computers , various studies have shown that the percentage of alternative navigations is increasing , especially within the younger sector of the population. Without a doubt , the most innovative Smart TV models help this trend continue to grow every year.

Now, these new ways of accessing the Internet not only bring with them enormous comforts and endless opportunities on a day-to-day basis, but they also entail new care and safeguards, especially in the case of devices that are shared by several members of a group. the family. This is where VPNs come into the picture: why is everyone talking about them?

In the following article we will answer that question, as well as we will stop to point out the advantages that having this software downloaded on our Smart TV can add, as well as on other devices. Is any VPN company the same? What aspects should be highlighted over others? Let us begin.

What are we talking about when we talk about VPN?

To begin with, it is convenient to dwell on the most basic aspects of this program that has gained in popularity in recent years and that nothing indicates that this trend will stop in the near future. A VPN is a virtual private connection that allows the user to become virtually invisible to external monitoring and tracking . This not only makes our connection secure, but also gains privacy.

The way a VPN achieves this is by encrypting and encrypting all the data and actions we take when browsing the web, sending it through a kind of private cable to the external VPN server . In other words, it is an end-to-end encryption technology, which makes our passage through the Internet imperceptible to the most important risks , such as web attacks or spies.

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By using a VPN, the user also changes his IP address to that of the external VPN server, which prevents his identity from being revealed and associated with a specific space. This is what makes page crawlers, public and private organizations unable to recognize our activity.

An immediately recognizable side effect is the end of intrusive advertisements based on our activity. Hasn’t it happened to you that after doing an internet search all the ads that appear are linked to it? A VPN not only limits that from happening, but also minimizes the amount of advertisements that appear while you browse, especially the most invasive ones.

In a few words, the popularity of VPNs is based on the fact that in a single program we can find everything we need to feel more secure, since the best brands offer services that control spam, malware and misleading advertising, in addition to providing protection in case of connecting to shared Wi-Fi networks and the enormous risks that this can pose to the security of the user and their sensitive information.

vpn smart tv

Why is it convenient to have a VPN on a Smart TV?

Moving on to the field of smart televisions, regardless of whether we are talking about already classic models or the latest market trends, having the protection of a VPN is essential to reinforce security and privacy, as we have pointed out in the previous section. However, that may not be the main reason.

In recent years, VPNs have gained popularity for their ability to access the content libraries of major streaming sites . As is known, users from all over the world cannot see the same thing when they enter Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Disney Plus, among other large firms.

These companies usually release their productions in a differentiated way, as well as buying the rights for some countries and not for others. This can end up being more than uncomfortable and counterproductive for the viewer, who is denied his favorite series and movies.

The same happens with those frequent travelers who, upon landing in another country, cannot continue with their marathon and must wait days to find out how the story continues. Well, a VPN can make us forget about it: by changing the IP address as we have previously pointed out, the user deceives the geolocator and makes it believe that we are in another country, where the series or movie that interests us is available.

Of course, for a VPN to achieve this, it must be of good quality. The leading brands in the market perform very well with streaming sites, while some free VPN options fail to meet expectations due to stability and speed issues. In other words, the cure ends up being worse than the disease: is there anything more annoying than watching a movie that cuts out all the time?

There are several differences between paid and free VPNs, especially in key points to have an excellent user experience. Next, we will delve into these points in detail so that you can choose the best alternative for your Smart TV.

What to check when choosing a Smart TV?

  • Multi-device: this aspect is key before contracting or downloading a VPN. Free options usually only allow one screen at a time, which ends up being inefficient for today’s internet uses. Instead, the leading brands in the market allow unlimited numbers of devices at the same time . Thus, the Smartphone, the personal computer, the Smart TV and even the game console can be connected to have our maximum security and privacy at all times, something that is not a small thing in 2022.
  • Upload speed – Free VPNs can be tempting, but they often have upload and download speeds that fall far short of what streaming sites demand. Choosing one of these alternatives will make it more than torturous to watch the latest Netflix releases , for example. In addition, they usually have a bandwidth limit , which completely restricts the user’s freedom. On the other hand, the Premium VPNs on the market do not have any restrictions, at the same time that they have much higher download and upload speeds.
  • Server Location and Stability – Last but not least, we will find the location of the servers . The more countries and continents there are on offer, the greater the access to content released from all geolocation. Reviewing this aspect and checking that the countries that interest us are included is essential.

Along the same lines, the stability of these connections is also essential , since they will not only guarantee that they work correctly, but will also prevent us from being exposed to possible attacks, tracking or monitoring . The most important brands today have almost 100% stability , while free alternatives do not meet expectations.

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