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What is the Vodafone football team for this season?

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The king sport in our country is of real importance for its fans. And since its broadcast changes places every year, it is logical to want to know on what platforms and media we will be able to enjoy it. Today I’ll tell you what football is offered on Vodafone.

Football at Vodafone 2022/2023

If you have Vodafone you should know that you are going to be able to watch some little games this year. The exclusivity of broadcasting this sport no longer exists for some time and now the rights are distributed, with the company having a piece of the cake.

Of course, I warn you that you will not be able to watch all the games, no matter how much you wanted to pay. For years this company has not even considered buying the full rights, even if they were offered, because it is too expensive, and there are not so many people who have Vodafone TV to create profits with them.

This is how Vodafone announces its sports offer on its official website

This is how Vodafone announces its sports offer on its official website

On Vodafone this year, after an agreement with LaLiga, second division football will be broadcast, as on Amazon Prime Video . What will be available to contract is LaLiga SmartBank, that is, the matches of the second-tier teams.

Vodafone’s official press release indicates that football returns to this operator after years with no relation to the beautiful game. It does, of course, in the Sports pack. Its price is 5 euros per month and, if you already have it contracted, as there are 22 various sports channels, you will not have to pay anything else, La Liga SmartBank will be available when the time comes.

The broadcast will be complete, so we will see the first game this same August 12, which is when the season begins. You will find football on channels 330, 331 and 332, which have been expressly enabled for this.

If you are not from Vodafone, yes, you will not be able to have access exclusively to the pack, you will have to get, at least, an infinite mobile line for 25 euros per month in addition to the 5 of the sports pack.

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