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USB4 2.0 arrives to compete with Thunderbolt 4

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Although there is still time for you to see it on your televisions and other devices, it is not bad that you are aware of the news in this regard. Today I show you what USB4 2.0 looks like, a new version of the plug designed to clearly compete with Thunderbolt 4.

How is USB4 2.0?

USB IF has released the announcement revealing USB4 2.0 (they define it as a fine-tuning of USB4 so don’t expect too much if you already know its specifications) and its launch, scheduled for this November.

Passing by and without remorse, they have doubled the data transfer capacity, that is, the volume. If with USB4 it was already equal to Thunderbolt 4, USB4 2.0 will have 80 Gbps. Such a feat has been achieved through a “new physical layer architecture”, they say in their official press release.

Despite this, the idea is that, although it does not make sense at first glance, the specification is compatible with the cables that we have on the market and that are 40 Gbps passive and without integrated circuits. Of course, using them not all the advantages of 2.0 would be available (compatibility with Thunderbolt 3, USB 2.0, USB 3.2 and, of course, USB4 1.0 is maintained. Thus, it is proposed to launch USB4 2.0 together with new cables. These will be active and will include circuits at both ends to achieve the promised 80 Gbps.

With this, it is possible to get more out of the equipment with, for example, the connection of more than one monitor to a computer. Working with large volumes of data will be easier and you will save time and resources.

Of course, we have already seen that USB4 version 2.0 will come, if all goes well, in November. This means that there is still time for firms to certify their devices, which, by the way, will already be those of the next batch of releases, which is usually in the spring, or perhaps even in the second releases of the year. , already for autumn.

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