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These are the new Movistar Plus+ Clic channels for September 2022

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Day after day I comment on it but I can’t stop doing it since the news multiplies as I write. The fierce competition in something that we could not even imagine a few years ago means that now, operators and other types of businesses are continually renewing themselves to offer us more and that we stay with them. A clear example is that of the new Movistar Plus+ Clic channels.

What are the new Movistar Plus+ Clic channels and when will they be available?

First of all you should know, especially if you are not in the company, that these types of channels are temporary, that is, that, like the content of streaming platforms, it disappears and new ones are added from time to time.

They are grouped by themes and are always taken from dial 200, so you have to scroll through the programming a bit until you learn the channels (nonsense, go).

Enjoy Movistar TV now with more content

Enjoy Movistar TV now with more content

The latest update includes a set of channels dedicated to movies. Clic de Culto (dial 207) or Clic Festival de San Sebastián (dial 200) may be, of course, the most interesting, although there are others. Clic Partners in action (dial 201), Clic Jewels of the year (dial 203), Clic Video game culture (dial 208), Clic Scoundrels and more scoundrels (dial 202), Clic Cold sweat (dial 205), Clic Parallel worlds (dial 204), Clic Los 80s en Cine (206) and even Clic Ennio Morricone (dial 209), specifically for the works of the composer, who has set hundreds of films throughout his incredible career, are the rest.

Since the operator’s rates changed, if you like to enjoy TV, you have a lot of advantage with them, because they give you many options to adapt the service that they finally provide you.

Thus, if you have its 4K decoder and have a subscription to the Cinema package, you can temporarily improve your cult of the seventh art with the Clic de cine channels that have been added in September.

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