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The Tivify Plus discount so you can watch TV in any situation

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Tivify is a basic service that offers you the ability to watch DTT without an antenna. Of course, that’s just the beginning, and as we dig deeper and subscribe to one of their paid versions, we get more benefits. Today he will talk about the same thing, about what we get with the Tivify Plus discount that you have available.

What does the Tivify Plus discount consist of and what does it offer me?

Be careful because when you know what Tivify really is, the offer will seem like a joke.

If you contract the annual plan, it will cost 9.99 euros, yes, as is. In addition, doing it before the end of this month of July will give you two more months. The thing is that you stay paying 0.99 euros per month.

It would be the second option

It would be the second option

And if there is a free version, why would I pay?

Well, obviously there are differences between your three plans. In the case of the Plus, which is the one on offer compared to the free one, they offer you, of course, what you would already have for no reason, which are 130 DTT channels. But, unfortunately, Mediaset’s own were not included for free. With the Plus plan you can have them.

In addition to this, the recording of 150 hours of content is allowed, which is stored in the cloud so that you do not miss something that is put on the grill and that you cannot see at some point. You have up to 60 days to see what you record!

You will enjoy your account on up to five devices where it can be linked. And you can also delete one and link a new one.

In any case, I do not want to stop reminding you that there is also Tivify Free , which is the free version of the service. Thus, if you are not convinced by what they offer by paying, you always have something simpler and more basic at zero price.

On the other hand, I leave you here a slightly more specific reading about what this platform offers.


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