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The best OLED on the market will be from LG (unseating Samsung)

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They were really slow to release anything noteworthy that would cast a shadow over the competition, at least for a few months. Now it is known that, soon, LG will have the best OLED on the market for its television panels. I’ll find out just like that!

How is the best OLED on the market?

To begin with, we will say that this is an open war against Samsung, a firm that, until now, had the best OLED panel for sale in its own televisions. Let’s hope that fans of the brand will fight back soon, really. With that said, let’s get started.

The technology that LG will offer in its TV panels, for its own firm in principle, is called OLED.EX.

LG defines its new OLEX.EX as "evolutionary experience"

LG defines its new OLEX.EX as “evolutionary experience”

Its great asset, of course, is the increase in brightness, and considerably. This is done to improve contrasts and blacks in general to deliver clearer, more accurate images.

OLED.EX offers, on the one hand, a custom algorithm and, on the other, the use of deuterium, to achieve a 1/3 higher brightness compared to the best of its panels.

But since Samsung does not rest either, in order to surpass them they have to cling to another concept: the MLA. This is the acronym for Meta Lift Lenses Array, a technology that improves luminous efficiency.

The combo would allow the firm to offer a shine without competition. Figures that almost reach 2000 nits are being considered.

Of course, no idea when these panels will start to be mounted. Most likely, the models that integrate them will be launched in the second batch of 2023, at the earliest. Still, these are just assumptions.

What is said is that, by then, these televisions will be much more expensive again. On the one hand it makes sense, because we would talk about the best TV models of the moment. But even so, I mean a general increase that will cause sales to decrease.

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