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The best movies to cheer up that you will find in streaming

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When you haven’t had a good day or simply need to smile a little, either because you’ve been given bad news, because you’re in the middle of a chaotic move, or simply find yourself in a sad moment, sit back on the sofa and seeing something interesting can be quite a relief. I leave you a top of movies to cheer up that, of course, you have to save in your bookmarks.

Top best movies to cheer you up

Have a good time and flash a little smile with:

  • The secret Life of Walter Mitty; free on Disney+ and for rent on Apple TV+. Trust if it is important that in psychology Walter Pitty syndrome has been called the circumstance in which people are very predisposed to daydream. Affected people see themselves as a version of themselves to avoid reality.


The film is based on a story-type publication in The New Yorker, from the year 1939. We see an employee of a photo developing space who is very shy. A woman who looks absolutely gorgeous strikes up a relationship with him and leads him on a dangerous mission that will change his life. She invites us to reflect trying to answer “What are you doing with your life?”.

  • CaptainFantastic; free on HBO Max and for rent on Apple TV +. The children of a family are raised by their father in a somewhat peculiar way while growing up in remote forests in complete isolation from urban life. After that, they must enter civilization and share space and time of life with other people. Clearly, we find a very different approach to life in which how authentic people are and encourages us to be ourselves while maintaining the lifestyle we love.
  • Caught in time; free on FilmIN. A reporter travels to report on the Groundhog Day celebration and, due to a storm, stays, with his team, in the city only to wake up and live the same day again and again. It is entertaining and fun and makes us think, without realizing it, about how we manage our days.
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