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The best movies to cheer up that you will find in streaming p2

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We end the week like the previous one, with a top of movies to cheer you up. We have already seen three but, of course, they are never enough if the goal is to make us happy, so here are some more options.

Top movies to cheer up available in streaming

  • Towards wild routes; free on Prime. Also, knowing that it is based on real events will surely make an impression on you. After finishing his studies, the young protagonist decides to cut communications with his circle and with society in general and marches towards a region where there is nothing and nobody, completely changing his life.
  • Good Morning, Vietnam; free on Disney+ and for rent and purchase on Rakuten TV, Apple TV+, Google Play and Amazon. A soldier who is dedicated to the radio in Saigon becomes known for his atypical comments and political criticism and wins the ok of his people, except for a lieutenant. However, he is a sad clown, someone who makes people laugh as a method to bring misery to him.
Williams magnificent role

Williams magnificent role

  • Cousins, free on Amazon Prime Video. What we Spaniards do more and better is comedy. And although many don’t like it, there are true fans of Spanish cinema, that’s why Primos also deserves a good place when it comes to making you laugh.

A man is dumped by his girlfriend five days before their wedding. He appears there just in case but not finding her he decides to go with her friends to town and try to win back her old teenage love. Each of the resources it has will improve your mood so, in addition to being good for times when you are not very there, it will also take away (or reduce) your anger.

  • Ratatouille, free on Disney +. Of course, we also have to introduce some animated title. The character is a little mouse who wants to become a chef, something that her family doesn’t like. Being persevering and maintaining the illusion (SPOILER) has its reward; Nobody knows more about you than you, so what the rest say should not condition you. And don’t think that because it’s about drawings it’s for children; you will love it, because it is full of strong feelings.
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