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Project Caviar to not depend on Dolby

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Google, in an attempt to make our lives easier (and have control over all things, like our Lord Jesus Christ) has just released Project Caviar. With this, they pretend that we do not depend on the HDR formats of dynamic metadata that currently exist, which are HDR10 and Dolby Vision and their improved ones (for a fee, the latter).

What exactly is Google’s Project Caviar?

It is not the first time that Google has tried to get involved in the matter and promote the use of royalty-free standards, but what Dolby offered at the time won by a landslide and the firms preferred to pay and have their standards to use others.

However, the giant returns to the fray, this time with something substantial to offer us. It is a plan called Project Caviar that, in essence, seeks exactly the same thing.

Google’s proposal went directly to the companies that could benefit. This took place at the beginning of the year but nothing was known, because it was done behind closed doors, in total secrecy, until now that a video of the meeting has been leaked.

This plan would include royalty-free alternatives, of course, for Vision (for which each company must pay up to 3 dollars to include it in each of its devices), but, attention, also for Dolby Atmos, Dolby’s major audio standard. .

It would be about making use of both YouTube and the Android system to offer other alternatives from here. Dolby is not used on YouTube and on Android it does not have much depth. The problem with the latter is that the firms that use it on their televisions do tend to incorporate, freely, these standards, since the user demands them (except Samsung, which is going from strength to strength with HDR 10+ ) .

For audio, AOMedia (of which Google is a part and which was responsible for the famous AV1 ) would be interested in developing a new format, Immersive Audio Container, which would use open codecs.

For the moment this is all; no talk of dates or if this will even be real in the near future.

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