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Oh no! HBO Max raises the price!

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Oh no! How do you read it? They were taking a long time, and that with the restructuring of a few months ago they already sneaked us a eurillo (although they have also made good promos , really). As we are seeing everywhere, these platforms become more expensive and/or include ads for the same price; bad business. Today we are going to see how and why HBO Max raises the price.

How and why HBO Max raises the price

We already know that next year, with no more exact date unknown, Discovery + will merge with HBO Max . It was precisely the financial director of the first who has hinted that this will mean a higher subscription price.

His words took place at the Goldman Sachs Communacopia Tech Conference, so they should not fall on deaf ears. Here he told us that both products are undervalued, with a considerable margin to raise prices without this being an abuse, since, apparently, the content is worth more than it costs, speaking in silver.

There is a lot of content and the price is not exorbitant, at least if we consider other platforms and the possibility of annual payment. And, of course, with the merger there will be more content, more capital and, with it, more investment in new products.

Discovery Plus really has more than interesting content

Discovery Plus really has more than interesting content

The 2022 Emmys have also helped them to become proud of their products, because HBO Max swept in an even exaggerated way in my opinion (37 awards), although it is true that both nominees and winners are content and performances very good.

In addition to this content, which is temporarily very popular but does not prevent users from also escaping when it ends or disappears, there will also be Discovery Plus, which is defined as permanently popular content. T is that, according to Wiedenfels, when a user subscribes, he no longer leaves.

There are no figures on the cost of the service once merged. Currently, HBO Max is $8.99 per month and Discovery Plus is $3.99. We trust that the final price will not be the sum of both, but that there will be some type of discount for the simple fact of encasing both services in one. Perhaps 10 or 11 euros would be appropriate, still below the standard subscription that Netflix has.

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