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Netflix mystery box is the new feature for children

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Not something else, but they have a passion for offering functions and services ( I love it , self-downloads , Fast Laughs …). And it is that now Netflix Mystery Box is launched, another resource designed to help you when you don’t know what to watch.

What is Netflix Mystery Box?

This resource has been designed in particular for children, that is, it is only available in this type of profiles for children. However, we must not forget that here there is also content for all audiences, so it would also serve to spend Sunday afternoon with the family.

With this option, children can be recommended with a title for all audiences

With this option, children can be recommended with a title for all audiences

Although we more or less agree with its content, there are always things to see, so many that sometimes things get complicated and we end up not knowing what to keep an eye on. This has already been tried to solve, on this and other platforms, and now Netflix wants to do the same by reducing the option to the children’s sector.

Thus, as a surprise gift, the company intends to recommend content to the child that they may not know and, of course, that is similar to their tastes (based on what they see, what they stop seeing halfway and what they is finished consuming).

Indeed, it does not stop seeing the “Random content” or the “What to see” that we find on other platforms and that they send you a single direct recommendation.

In this case, this recommendation can be for both series and movies.

It is located in the upper area, on the list of recommendations, centered between series and outstanding movies, clearly visible, with a question mark. As soon as you click on the option, the recommended content opens so that it is ready to be played.

I suppose that, being a test, it is not found on all devices, since we have only been able to enjoy this resource on those that have the Android TV operating system.

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