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Netflix Geeked Week Ads

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We have just announced it and, knowing the announcements of the Netflix Geeked Week, which has ended, we can only talk a little about it and its advances.

What have been the Netflix Geeked Week announcements?

The event ended with the day of video games. This included both the new video games to come and the series that are being created and are already free to be announced.

This is the first video game announcement via Twitter that was given. It is done from an official account created expressly for the event.

The day began by showing us something about the series that was once a great game, Dragon Age (well, and the entire franchise). This will be called Dragon Age Absolution and it is estimated that we can start seeing it in the last month of the year.

Another anime that we will see on Netflix , without knowing when but before the end of the year, is Tekken: Blondline, another animation from another piece of the video game saga, much better known in this case.


It is the turn of the first video game with Shadow and Bone: Destinies. It is a narrative RPG that is under the responsibility of the German studio from which Angry Birds Epic and Evolution and also Sacred Legends came out.

Next up is a dating sim based on a reality show called Playing with Fire.

It is followed by a smartphone game that is set in the same universe as La casa de papel.

Surely, if you’re a series fan, you’ll know where The Queen’s Gambit comes from. Chess is the base, obviously, and we will find familiar scenarios but also new dialogues. There is no scheduled release date but in theory we will have it “soon”.

Eye for an immediate novelty is the DLC of the famous game Cuphead. Oh, and new chapters of the series are also coming for August.

My recommendation would undoubtedly be Lcky Luna. It is a platform game that is created from a Japanese folklore tale.

We would continue with Desta: The Nenories Between, from Ustwo Games, which will also be available in 2022.

Dragon’s Blood, based on the Dota game, returns to Netflix with a third season on August 11.

Before the end of June you will have a match-3 game called Wild Things Adventures.

Of nostalgic graphics we have been allowed to see very little about Sonic Prime.

Castlevania Nocturne, with a distant release, is not the continuation of the series that we already know, but rather a different one based on the same franchise.

A management game called Thiunder Lotus Game is coming.

Also Raji: An Ancient Epic, a simple action adventure.

Lastly, we have a collaboration with Developer that will result in three games: Poinpy (which is already playable and cute), Terra Nil, and Reings: Three Kingdops.

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