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How is Apple TV +? Worth?

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Netflix has not been the most popular option for a long time, or at least the only known one, among streaming content platforms. And with as many as there are, you will wonder what they can offer you. We have already seen what the advantages of HBO Max are and today I want you to know what Apple TV + is like and what it has for you.

Features Apple TV+ 2022

So what are we going to find and what not if we hire Apple TV + ?

  • Quite restrained catalog. This will be, possibly and one of the best known, the platform with the least extensive content catalog. Even so, week after week they introduce new content and, most importantly, very varied.
  • Great quality. In contrast to the above, we have that the quality of the content is magnificent. Apple chooses very wisely what to broadcast and, of course, knows more than enough how to consider its own production, being outstanding.
  • Audiovisual stars. Part of this quality flourishes thanks to the presence of great Hollywood personalities who dominate acting. The same goes for presenters and journalists, who are capable of offering unique shows and documentaries.
  • Competitive price. In Spain, the monthly subscription is only 4.99 euros. It is one of the cheapest fees along with Amazon Prime Video. An example of this is the three months that the company gives you if you buy any Apple device or the free trial period, which lasts one week.
  • Offers and promos. In addition to being a very accessible service in terms of price, Apple offers several ways for you to get it cheaper or even for free. If you subscribe to Apple One (14.95 euros) you will have access to the different Apple subscriptions, so that each one of them comes out for a lower price than if you took them separately. Also, your trial period is one month. With your PlayStation you will also have the option to enjoy three months free of charge if you are a new subscriber. Finally, some LG TVs will also give you this promo if you use the LG store to download the app.
  • New content. Apple TV + allows you to see, without being subscribed, the next releases; quite a detail. This way you will know when to cheer up, yes or yes, knowing that you are going to have cool things to see.
  • Access to other platforms. Similar in name to the setbox, but not the same, neither offer subscription to other platforms; this would not make sense. Yes, you will have seen, in the App TV, access to these but, of course, you need to subscribe; Those buttons are just that, shortcuts.
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