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Have you heard about the lawsuit against Warner Bros Discovery?

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A lawsuit has been filed against Warner Bros Discovery accusing them of manipulating their subscriber numbers on HBO Max . We tell you why this is being brought to trial and what triggers it.

What is the lawsuit against Warner Bros Discovery?

Of course, they were not buoyant but with this demand it seems that popularity has plummeted, although everything indicates that it is only temporarily.

The theory is that before the merger between Warner Media and Discovery occurred, it was being commented that the numbers of subscribers to HBO Max were higher than what has been revealed. If true, it would be something similar to what happened months ago with Twitter and Elon Musk. Here, Twitter seems to have given false data about the percentage of bots, fake and inactive accounts to make the social network more attractive.

We will have to wait for the sentence

We will have to wait for the sentence

And it is that, as is logical, to close agreements, make associations and others, it is essential to know all the characteristics of the products and services with which it will be dealt, because that information is an important part of the success or failure of your next endeavor.

In this particular lawsuit, there is talk of a deliberate falsification of data in favor of both content companies with the clear intention that they would be more attractive to each other and that the positive vote for the merger would be much easier .

The “small” complaint would be a total of 10 million more subscribers than there really are on HBO Max (these turn out to be not monthly subscribers but people with temporary access, for different promotions, to the platform), something that competes, and much, to the committee of pensioners of the Collinsville Police, advocates and also investors who bet on this union.

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