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Elvis will premiere on HBO Max on August 8

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The seventh art is evolving at a dizzying pace in recent years and one of the main culprits is the platforms. Today’s news may surprise you, but it is something that is happening more frequently than you may think. And it is that, after sweeping the box office,  Elvis will be released on HBO Max just a month and a half after its premiere .

Premiere of Elvis on HBO Max after a meteoric passage through movie theaters

Its arrival on the small screen is not harming it and, although televisions are getting better and better, there is no doubt that the experience of going to the cinema is incomparable with any other situation. But if you want to see it again quietly at home or if, for whatever reason, you can’t go to the cinema, don’t worry, because very soon it will arrive in your living room.

The premiere of Elvis on HBO Max is expected to arrive on  August 8 , just 45 days after its theatrical release. This biopic of one of the most admired characters in history has become number one at the box office in the United States and number three in Spain in the week of its release.

elvis movie

Directed by the Australian Baz Luhrmann , the figures show us that we are facing a film that everyone will talk about. In just three days it has raised more than 30 million euros in the American market and there is no doubt that the figure will continue to increase. The king of rock is still more alive than ever and this film about his life brings him back to the fore… if he ever left her.

Whether HBO Max keeps this scheduled date or makes any last-minute changes remains to be seen.

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