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Disney + raises the price almost 40% and puts advertising

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When you see your neighbor’s beard cut… The Spanish proverb is very wise and has a saying for every occasion. In this case, after the news that  Disney + raises the price and will put advertising in some of its subscriptions in the United States , we cannot do anything else from the European market than to take out the calculator again and do the math to see if it will be worth it. continue with our subscription when this price increase reaches Spain. We all know that it will and if you don’t believe it, you just have to look at the case of the  Amazon Prime price increase , which also rises almost 40% next month and was a measure that was first established on the other side of the puddle.

Disney + raises the price: these are the new subscription plans in the United States

Disney+ has reached  150 million users in just 3 years . Every milestone that seems to have made fame go to their heads and that has led them to the decision to raise the price (again) and introduce new subscription formulas in their native country.

Three dollars more per month or $30 more per year Americans will have to pay for their Disney+ subscription, that is,  $10.99 for the monthly plan or $109.99 for the yearly plan . This represents a rise of almost 40%.

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You can maintain price if you are willing to see ads

But, in addition to this inflation, it will also put on the table the  possibility of maintaining prices, but with four minutes of ads for every hour of content .

Introducing ads is another formula that Netflix is ​​also considering, but that leaves us with a very interesting debate:  are we really willing to pay to see advertising?

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