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Change YouTube TV by adding block ads

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At the time of streaming and there is already countless competition, try and introduce little things to make yourself known and get enough audience. In this are those of Google with its YouTube application for televisions. This is how YouTube TV changes.

How does YouTube TV change with your next step?

Considering that YouTube is the most comfortable and popular site to watch videos, especially since it does not require a subscription or even a login, it is normal that you want to get all the juice out of it, since its consumption does not drop.

In exchange for this, on the platform, between video and video, up to three ads can be launched, although the normal thing is that only the first one is forced to be seen in its entirety. Until now.

From the platform itself they have communicated to indicate affirming something that was already being talked about on Reddit. Here, users reported that they have been able to watch up to 10 short ads in a row when switching between videos on the YouTube TV app.

Another platform adrift?

Another platform adrift?

Indeed, YouTube, through a spokesperson, has made a statement to 9to5google stating that this experiment or test has taken place in a very small number of users for a few days as a preliminary test before introducing the change globally.

These block ads will only appear when viewing long videos, which is obvious, because who is going to watch 10 ads to be allowed to view, say, a 3-minute video clip? It would be instead of seeing them in the middle of the video and they would go in an iBook, so there would be no interruptions.

In any case, they are not doing something very different from the ad-supported subscriptions that more and more streaming content platforms are going to offer in a very short time. So… everything indicates that ad units on YouTube will be a near reality.

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