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Accessories that will make your day-to-day life easier and how to protect your cell phone

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There are hundreds of accessories available in the market for all kinds of people, but in truth there are few that you will use continuously and be grateful for their creation. Some of them are, for example, good headphones, or an adhesive mount if you don’t want to buy a physical GPS and use your cell phone to take you wherever you want.

So that you know about the most important things created to get the most out of your cell phone, here we will tell you how to do it and how to protect it.

essential accessories

Although the protection of the mobile is key, there are several cell phone accessories that were created to make your life easier by satisfying various needs. However, the fact that there are essentials means that there are also useless ones or that you will use once in a while, which is why here we will tell you which ones you will enjoy every day.

  • Headphones

Music is a fundamental part of the day-to-day life of most human beings. This is due to the sensations and emotions that free us, which with good headphones we will be able to enjoy anywhere and at any time. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer companies integrate these items for cell phones , and the number of companies whose devices do not even integrate the plug to connect the wired headphones is even increasing.

For example, Apple forces its users to buy these accessories for cell phones in exclusive stores at quite high prices, not to mention that the latest equipment does not even include a charger.

  • adhesive backing

These are cell phone accessories for those who need their vehicle for work, or are easily lost and require the use of a GPS. With the adhesive support, you can connect your cell phone and leave it attached to the windshield glass so that it does not move at any time and you can consult it without taking your eyes off the road.

  • speakers

Although companies are constantly working on optimizing speaker technology, the truth is that very few devices make it possible for us not to want a good stereo . These cell phones and accessories are compatible via Bluetooth, so they perform very well wirelessly.

  • power bank

For many, this is one of the must- have cell phone accessories on a day-to-day basis. Those who are not at home for long periods of time value them more than anything, as they allow them to continue using their terminals without the need to look for a power outlet. They generally have capacity for 2 full charges or more , so it is key to always have one with you.

accessories protect cell phone

Case and tempered glass

One of the first things you should do after buying your mobile is to go for a tempered cell phone case and protector at the nearest store. The main objective behind it is that it does not become unusable at the first or second drop. While some companies have their own cover, it is generic and covers almost nothing.

Hydrogel or tempered glass?

Taking care of a cell phone screen protector is essential if we take into account the enormous relevance that they are having in our lives. Doing it is very simple, since it will be enough to acquire said protector to avoid fatal damage.

  • Tempered glass

The tempered glass cell phone protector is the most popular among the 2 types. It consists of a very durable thin sheet of glass that gains strength during its manufacture. On the Mohs scale, they usually have 9H, with 10H being the meaning of maximum hardness. This makes it possible for them to be the most resistant to falls and scratches .

The best thing they have is that it not only serves as a cell phone protector, but also exists for notebooks, tablets, smart watches, etc. While still thin, they are thicker than plastic.

  • hydrogel

On the hydrogel side, it is excellent at cushioning shocks and preventing permanent damage to the device. They last longer than tempered glass. The negative thing about it is its installation, which requires machinery and a specialist in this type of cell phone screen protector .

Tips for choosing the mobile case

Here we will explain the points you should focus on before buying a mobile phone case. Some of the most important are: the design they have, to what extent they protect, etc. Always remember that the best cases are those that combine 2 aspects: aesthetics + protection .

  • Design

Aesthetics can be essential for certain people, and for them there is the cell phone protector with a design that they want. Finding cases that are compatible with your tastes is important basically because you will look at it every day while using the cell phone. For example, iPhone cases are aesthetically beautiful and minimalist, but they have the drawback that they cover almost nothing .

If you are fascinated by the aesthetics of your device, get a cell phone glass protector that is transparent and allows you to appreciate it.

  • shock protection

You’re not the only person in the world who drops their phone more often than it should. In fact, if you were, these accessories would not be sold… Therefore, having a good case with which you feel permanently protected is very important. It will take care of absorbing almost all the damage of the blow, although it may fail at some point and minimal damage will be dealt.

Without this protection, at the first fall that exceeds one meter the screen can be shattered on the floor. In case you think that the price of a good one can be quite high, ask yourself if that value is more expensive or what they would charge you to change the screen.


To conclude with this detailed article, it is worth remembering how important it is to keep your mobile always protected against misfortunes that may happen at any time of the day.

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