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We finally know the release date of House of the Dragon!

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OMG. How much have the Game of Thrones spinoffs been talked about since even before the end of the series. But, of as many ideas as there were, there is only one of which news of a safe production and broadcast has been received, and that is the one that concerns us today. Finally, after a long time, we know what will be the release date of House of the Dragon.

What is the release date of House of the Dragon?

In the event that there is no problem that delays it, the broadcast of the first chapter of which, for the moment, is the most anticipated for a long time for this 2022 , is planned for August 21; What better than the middle of summer to warm up the atmosphere a little more with a few dragons!

And, in case you still don’t know, this production is about one of the seven families of Game of Thrones, the Targaryen. The story tells us how the decline of the surname of the Mother of Dragons begins 300 years before the narrative course of Game of Thrones (so we will not recognize any character).

HBO ( now HBO Max ) sent us the statement via email tonight with the image of an incandescent dragon egg as a background for 08.21 (August 21) as well as the headline “Fire and blood reign in the house of the dragon” .

He continues: “In the dispute for the Iron Throne, the rules are simple: win or die. Choose your allies wisely and make no mistake: a dragon is not always the best weapon.”

After that, the button for direct access to the trailer on the platform (you have it above). Obviously, you can now set the reminder so that, in case you were to be able to forget the release date, HBO Max will notify you when House of the Dragon opens.

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