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UHD Spain, the way to watch DTT in 4K HDR

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“Normal” television has lagged behind what streaming content platforms offer us for many years. We no longer just talk about the excess of ads or the questionable veracity and quality of the content itself. We must also take into account the jump in the quality of the image that has occurred and that, without a doubt, it seems that we do not finish seeing. It is true that a little while ago some channels were already shown in high definition but … is it enough? You will be happy to know that UHD Spain is born so that we can finally see DTT in 4K HDR.

What is UHD Spain?

UHD Spain It is the way in which channels and other types of companies (Grupo ADM, Axión, Televés, Canon, Cellnex, Dolby…) help us to see more content in 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, that is, in Ultra High Definition. The initiative comes from the hand of Medina Media and has the backing of three renowned organizations such as Sin Ultra HD Forum, UHD Alliance and 8K Association.

The objective is the promotion of high video resolutions, the HDR standard and the New Audio Generation, as well as the various technologies that ensure that the contents reach the viewer with the best quality.

Working with HEVC H.265 in DVB-T2 it is possible to achieve a 4K format with HDR, as long as the contents are recorded in this way. They also make use of the MUX or multiplexer, which previously used exclusively TVE.

If you are looking for channels, you will find two broadcasts, one for HDR tests and the other for SDR. These are already available in our country, so you just have to look for them. Obviously, we are talking about broadcasts via DTT.

Here is a list of channels to tune in depending on the province where you are. This is official.

Obviously, in addition to tuning them, it is necessary that your television is compatible with both the resolution and the quality standard.

Also, you should know if you use community or personal antenna. If this is the first case, you must make sure that it is adapted, something that will probably already happen if you had to do it recently with the last retune.

Finally, know that the tuning is also available both from the Internet and via satellite.

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