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MPC-HC 1.7.15 unofficial to support Blu-ray UHD HDR

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Many of us long for the official support of the MPC-HC player. However, his disappearance has not been so traumatic since updates continue to be made. And in this case we find unofficial MPC-HC 1.7.15 to support UHD Blu-ray.

What does MPC-HC 1.7.15 mean?

It is understandable that in this situation, working to improve content higher than Full HD is difficult due to the simple fact that there has been no support for a long time, which makes the player, whether we want it or not, to be out of date. It is only with the help of these little heroes who are dedicated to making unofficial updates that we are making MPC-HC last.

And that is precisely what is achieved with MPC-HC 1.7.15. This version, as we say, unofficial, will add some small improvements to the official version.

What we can highlight the most, of course, is the support for reading Blu-rays in UHD resolution and with HDR quality. Of course, this support, for now, is partial.

We see that the player works perfectly with high quality content

Discs, or rather their file structure, can be played only if they have been decoded before. In addition, at the moment, you only have access to both video and audio content, but not the menus.

Another novelty of the MPC-HC 1.7.15 update is the inclusion of the LAV Filters v 0.71 codecs. These make it possible to reproduce many formats directly, without requiring the installation of other software on your computer.

If you are a consumer of this player and you are interested in trying the playback for Blu-ray in UHD with HDR compatibility (and also the LAV Filters v 0.71 codecs) you can download MPC-HC 1.7.15 here. Of course, do not forget to tell us how was the experience and if these little heroes are doing “their job” well.

See you tomorrow!

Via: Forum Doom 9

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