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How long do Netflix offline downloads last?

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Netflix has a very good option to get more out of your subscription. It is about  Netflix offline downloads or, what is the same, the possibility of viewing content when we do not have an internet connection or simply if we want to have our own temporary library and not depend on mobile data, WiFi… However, there is “ trick” and it is that the time these downloads last is not unlimited.

There is no fixed time for Netflix offline downloads

A curiosity is that  the time you will have to see your downloaded content depends on the license and the agreements that the platform has with each production company. For this reason, there will be titles that you can download for a month, while others you can only enjoy for a couple of days. In any case, once you download it, you will be able to know the remaining time . If there are less than seven days left, a fairly visual warning appears so that you are not overlooked.

Another curiosity is that some content can be downloaded as many times as you want and others can only be downloaded once or twice a year. Again, agreements and licenses come into play.

In any case,  all titles that are removed from the platform will also no longer be available in the user’s offline downloads, regardless of how much time is left.

offline downloads

Using this option is very practical not only when we are going to be away from home somewhere without a connection, for example, on a plane. More and more people are making use of this service because, in addition, it can offer better quality by not having to download almost in real time.

And you, have you already used this option? Is it useful for your day to day or do you only use it when you are traveling?

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