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Are you looking for a totally concealed decorative speaker in your living room?

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If the LED bulb with speakers that came out at the time was discreet, the decorative speaker that I am going to show you today takes the cake when it comes to going unnoticed.

What is the decorative speaker from Sonos and IKEA like?

Indeed, we will begin by saying that it is a piece that comes from the hand of Sonos in collaboration with IKEA. It belongs to SYMFONISK, a range of original models such as shelf-box or lamp.

With a rectangular shape and as a canvas, it is hung on the wall, acting as a canvas or painting.

It is a single, rectangular piece from which a HiFi-oriented sound is emitted that seeks to be as enveloping as possible considering the shape of the piece. It is carried out in an acoustic design with which the frame and the speaker marry in the best possible way so that the sound, of course, is worth it, and much, worth it. The latter has a double-way configuration, the tweeter being placed in the lower part so that the treble reaches us clean (for which a special waveguide has also been included).

This is the internal mount

In addition, from its own app that Sonos has, you can make a personalized configuration in a very simple way, always seeking to obtain the best result while maintaining your own tastes when enjoying any content.

Yes, we have to say that it is only paired over WiFi, so you will have to have a router and connect both devices to the same network.

This way, you can use it as a single source of sound or combine it with other SYMFONISK products to form a multiroom system with more sonic details.

As with the rest of the products in the range, when you have it configured, you will have access to the hundreds of streaming services that Sonos offers, including audiobooks or podcasts, among others.

You can choose it in black or white and it has different fronts (the “picture” drawing). These are interchangeable, which allows you both to redecorate your living room as often as you want and to adapt the speaker to the style of the different rooms where you are placing it at all times. Although it is slim, it has buttons to control audio playback (pause and play and volume up and down).

Each of the panels has a price of 16 euros and, at the moment, 11 models will be launched. The speaker will have a recommended price of 199 euros and will be available from next July 15 in our country.

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